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This is an Emergency if:

*If the bird is tangled in such a way that it is tethered to a stationary object, (i.e. a goose that is tangled in fishing line and the line is also anchored to the edge of a pond so that the goose cannot swim) capture the bird and secure it in a box BEFORE severing the line. All entangled birds need to be examined by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator before they can be released, even if you have removed all of the line.

**DO NOT remove a bird from a glue trap. Apply cornstarch or flour to the exposed sticky surface to prevent the bird from becoming more tangled. Place the trap with the bird on it in a small box and transport to a rehabilitator. DO NOT attempt to clean oiled or tarred birds. Wear gloves and then place the bird(s) in a well-ventilated container. Transport to a rehabilitator immediately.

Identify the Animal


mallard ducklinggoslingsbaby killdeerbaby wood duckbaby merganser
mallardswood ducksmergansercanada goosesnow gooseswan


prefledgling songbirdscardinal
morning doveyoung robinbluejaymockingbirdchimney swiftcrow


baby hawkbaby owljuvenile owlbaby vulture
red tailed hawkkestralsaw whet owlscreech owlospreyblack vulture

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